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Terms & Conditions of Winter Season Tickets


Season tickets will run from Tuesday 1st November 2016 to Tuesday 28th February 2017


No Bookings can be accepted until the Season Ticket is paid for in full.


Persons purchasing season tickets will be required to provide photographic ID at the time of payment. A copy of this will then be taken and retained by the Fishery Owners e.g. passport or driving licence


Persons fishing will be required to present the season ticket to the fishery owners at the start of each fishing session or at any other time requested while fishing. Failure to do so will prevent the person fishing until the Season Ticket is produced.


Season Tickets are not transferrable and NO refunds will be given for whatever reason.


Season ticket holders will be required to abide by the rules of the Fishery


Season tickets holders are entitled to unlimited fishing during the above dates subject to availability and also to the following:


Specimen Lake


Cost of Season Ticket is £115


The Specimen Lake season ticket is valid for Day Tickets or 24 hour sessions. Sessions can be pre-booked (by telephone) or on a first come, first served basis.

No season ticket holder will be allowed to fish longer than 96 hours in any one session. At the end of any session the season ticket holder will not be able to fish for the next 24 hours.

Only one session can be pre-booked at a time, a further booking cannot be made until the booked session has been completed.


The Fishery will operate a 3 Strike Rule. Anglers will be asked to book in 24 hour sessions. Any season ticket holder cancelling (without at least 72 hrs notice) or failing to show up and fish for the time booked will be given one strike for each 24 hr or part 24 hr period not fished. After 3 Strikes the Season Ticket holder will not be able to pre-book any sessions but will be able to fish on a first come first served basis.


Season ticket holders pre-booking swims will be required to give a start time, from which time their session will begin and will conclude at the same hour at the end of their session. For example if you book for 72 hrs from 2pm Tuesday your session will end at 2pm Friday.


Any non fishing guests accompanying season ticket holders will be required to pay £5 for each night session.


The fishing of double swims by single season ticket holders will be subject to availability and the discretion of the Fishery owners.