Burton Springs  

Fishing & Holidays  

Specimen Carp Lake 

Our Specimen lake is around 2 acres in size with an island and contains 6 swims (4 doubles and 2 single swims) meaning a maximum of 10 anglers at any time. The lake is feature laden with the carp being renowned for being caught tight to the reed lined banks and even under you're rodtips if your quiet enough. The lake is stocked with mirror and common carp as well as a very good head of grass carp ranging from 13lbs to 33lbs. The average stock size is 14lbs with very few under 10lbs with over 30 carp over the magical 20lbs mark. Day tickets are available during weekdays only with weekend bookings available for a minimum of 24 hours. Click here for more details.......

Kingfisher Lake

Opened in 2016 Kingfisher Lake is stocked with Wels Catfish ranging from 10lbs up to 80lbs and a few Carp to around 27lbs. The lake only contains 2 double swims and 2 single swims meaning everyone has access to a good amount of water and the maximum number of anglers allowed on the lake is 5. One of our Logpods, Quantock View, is based adjacent to swim 1 on the lake so can also be booked for fishing and camping. 
The Catfishing season begins on the 16th March 2018 and all bookings must be made in advance. The lake can also be booked for exclusive bookings 

Alder Pool

Opened in April 2011 Alder Pool is around half an acre in size and is very heavily stocked with Carp, Bream, Tench, Crucians, Roach, Rudd and Perch making it ideal for a days pleasure fishing or for matches and exclusive bookings. Regardless of whether you are a seasoned match angler or a complete beginner this lake suits all needs. The lake has 13 pegs on it and is catered for day ticket anglers although night fishing can be arranged but bookings must be made in advance. We also offer fly fishermen the unique opportunity to fish for carp and other coarse fish on the fly during the summer months.

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