Burton Springs Fishery  

Superb Carp, Coarse, Catfish and Fly Fishery in Somerset  

The Fishing Lakes


Specimen Lake

Our Specimen lake is around 2 acres in size with an island and contains 6 swims (four doubles and two single swims) meaning a maximum of 10 anglers at any time. The lake is feature laden with the carp being renowned for being caught in tight to the reed lined banks and even under your rodtips if your quiet enough. Day tickets are available during weekdays only with weekend bookings available for a minimum of 24 hours. Bookings must be made in advance.



The lake is stocked with true English mirror and common carp as well as a very good head of grass carp ranging from 13lbs to 30lbs. The average stock size of the carp is 14lbs with very few under 10lbs and over 25 carp over the magical 20lbs mark. We also have at least 3 known 30lbs+ carp lurking in the depths. Lake record 30lbs 8oz.

Boilies work best with Mainline Cell a proven winner. Pellet, Corn and meat can all work well in warmer months with maggots working well in the winter.


Kingfisher Lake (Fly & Cat Fishing Lake)


During winter Kingfisher Lake is regularly stocked with Rainbow, Brown and Blue Trout, there are also a few Tiger Trout present. During the summer you can fish for the resident Wels Cat fish which range in size from 13lb to 80lb.


Kingfisher lake is well maintained and offers easy access from all areas of the lake with very few obstructions. It is ideal for both novice anglers as well as seasoned pro's, in addition to the trout & Cat Fish there are also a few Grass Carp and Common Carp over 20lbs in the lake which can provide an excellent and challenging fight on the fly rod! Please be aware that only rainbow Trout may be removed from the lake on Catch and Retain tickets. 


 Alder Pool (Mixed Coarse Lake)


We are pleased to announce the opening of Burton Springs new Pleasure Lake in April 2011 which is now open for coarse fishing and also offers fly fishermen the unique opportunity to fish for carp and other coarse fish on the fly. The lake has been stocked with Common and Mirror carp to 15lbs along with assorted Tench, Crucian Carp, Roach, Rudd, Bream and Perch and also contains the odd bonus Trout and Grass Carp!


The lake is available to fish for £7 for 1 rod and £8 for 2 rods. Please check our Rules page before fishing to ensure you have the neccesary equipment. We are able to hire landing mats to all anglers for £1 for the day.