Burton Springs Fishery  

Superb Carp, Coarse, Catfish and Fly Fishery in Somerset  

On Site Shop

A range of bait is stocked in the shop, so don't worry if you run short of supplies while you are fishing, or  if you are unable to get to the tackle shop before you get to us. Here is a selection of our current stock:


  • Boilies (shelf life & freezer): 
  • Catfish Bait: 20mm Hard Drilled pellets & 24mm Shelf Life Boilies.
  •  Dead Bait (Please note these are the only dead baits allowed to be used)     
  • Range of Ground Baits
  • Tins of Hemp and Maize
  • Pellets - Various types in stock including soft hook pellets
  • Luncheon Meat and Sweet Corn
  • Dog Biscuit and Loaves of Bread
  • Limited Supplies of Maggots. Please phone beforehand to check availability


Tackle for Coarse and Specimen Anglers

Range of tackle including: rods and reels, hooks, PVA Bags, pole connectors, weights and back leads, floats and rubbers, feeders, hair rigs, split shot, bait bands, baiting needles, plummets, boilie stops, carp antiseptic, landing net handles and nets, unhooking mats, float tubes, bait boxes, catapults, umbrellas and bank sticks.

Catfish Angler

We stock shelf life 24mm boiles, 20mm hard drilled pellets and dead baits (PLEASE NOTE ONLY DEAD BAITS PURCHASED FROM BURTON SPRINGS FISHERY CAN BE USED AT THIS FISHERY) for the anglers after our resident Catfish. We stock Hair Rigs with Circular Hooks which again are the only type allowed at this Fishery .whilst fishing for our Catfish.

Fly Angler

We stock a range of Flies which have been tried and tested on our Trout Lake. We also stock Dog Biscuit and Bread Flies (Barbless at £1.50 each) for use on the Coarse Lake to catch the Common, Mirror and Grass Carp. In addition we sell Rods, Reels, Leader, Priests, Floatant & Sinkant, Braided Loops, Landing Nets and Various Bite Indicators.



We also have a range of accessories to get you out of trouble during your fishing trip, including Batteries, Scissors, Lighters, Gas for Portable Cookers, Night Lights and Sunglasses.



Gift Vouchers

Looking for a gift for a fisherman (or woman) in your life? Gift Vouchers are available for all of our lakes. Please phone 01278 732135 to discuss your requirements. We can take payment by card over the telephone and post the vouchers to you.



A range of snacks, hot and cold drinks and ice creams are available in the shop.  



We have small and large fire pits for hire which double up as BBQ,s. We also stock charcoal, firelighters and kindling get you up and running. If you are on holiday and fancy a fish, but don't have your tackle with you? Or have you forgotten something for your fishing session? We can hire a range of tackle including, rods, reels, landing nets, keep nets and unhooking mats.

Burton Springs Fishery Hoodies @  £25 & Polo Shirts @ £20 for Sale
Range of Catfish Baits including 24mm Boilies & 20mm Hard Drilled Pellets
Coarse & Fly Reels £9.99
Polarised Sunglasses with Case & Neck Strap £12.99
Gift Vouchers Tailor Made To Your Requirements.