Burton Springs Fishery  

Superb Carp, Coarse, Catfish and Fly Fishery in Somerset  

Burton Springs Fishery Rules

NO PULLING FOR BREAKS ON ANY LAKES - If any angler is caught doing this you will be told to leave immediately with no refund - Please call if you get snagged and we will come down to the lake and free lines. 


Specimen Lake


  • · Barbless Hooks ONLY
  • · Maximum 2 rods per angler
  •   Leadcore is not allowed
  • · Landing Nets and Unhooking cradles are provided by the Fishery. Personal Landing Nets and Unhooking mats are not allowed to be used on the Specimen Lake.
  • · No dumping of bait at the end of your session
  • · No Braid mainline
  • · All types of Nuts and Peas are banned
  • · No rods to be left unattended
  • · All fish must be returned immediately. No carp sacks or nets allowed.
  • · All forms of fixed leads are banned
  • · No open fires
  • · Take all litter home
  • · When photographing fish always do so when keeping the fish low to the ground and over the Carp Cradle


Kingfisher Lake (Catfishing)

  • Barbless Hooks Only. PLEASE NOTE CURVED HOOKS MUST BE USED, no straight shanks (If in doubt ask the owner)
  • Live Baits only caught from the lake and with prior permission from the owner.
  • No Keepnets or Sacking of Fish
  • No Wire Traces
  • No Mainline Braid.. Braid hooklengths must be NON abrasive. Coated braid or Monofilament hooklenghts are preferred
  •  Minimum 15lbs mainline to be used
  • Trout Caught can be killed and paid for at £2.75 per lb or returned IMMEDIATELY to the lake
  • Only Netting and Landing Equipment supplied by Burton Springs may be used
  • All fish to be returned to the water immediately, if you want photos ensure you have your camera ready for use before fishing
  • Maximum of 2 rods per angler

Kingfisher Lake (Fly fishing)


  • · Only rainbow trout may be killed. All Tiger, Brown and Blue Trout must be returned.
  • · Tickets cannot be upgraded, however additional tickets can be purchased.
  • · Juniors under 16 must be supervised by an adult.
  • · You may catch and release the same number of fish allowed on your ticket after bagging up.
  • · No Shared rods except with prior consent for tuition
  • · Successful anglers must not catch fish for other less successful anglers.
  • · All anglers must complete a 'catch report' before you leave even if it is Nil returns to aid stock management


Alder Pool (Coarse Lake)


  • · The Pleasure lake is available for both coarse fishing and fly fishing
  • · Barbless hooks only to be used
  • · Maximum 2 rods, no rods to be left unattended
  • · Maximum of 1 kilo of groundbait to be used per session.
  • · No nuts or Peas allowed.
  • · Unhooking mats must be used
  • · No bait boats allowed.
  • · No overnight fishing without prior consent from the owners.
  • · Landing Nets, Unhooking Mats & Keepnets must be dipped prior to use in the facilities provided.


Failure to comply to any of these rules can result in you being asked to leave the premises immediately with no refunds.


Burton Springs Fishery also reserve the right to carry out spot checks on any rigs being used on the lake to ensure these rules are being observed. Please be aware that no refunds on fishing tickets are permitted. Day Tickets Dawn to Dusk (or as determined by Management). Please phone for up to date opening times.


Above all else, respect the other anglers and the fish!

Thanks for your cooperation